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Skin, Coat or Mobility problems?

KYNOsil is an exclusive combination of Organic Silica, MSM and Glucosamine in liquid form. KYNOsil provides your pet the necessary constituents for the maintenance and enhancement of a healthy functioning body.

  • Promotes a supple skin and a healthy coat
  • Vitalises, protects and regenerates the body cells (e.g. skin problems, irritations,..)
  • Supports and strengthens the immune system
  • Is beneficial in case of mobility problems. Reinforces the muscles and the joints (bone and cartilage)
  • Assists the healing process (e.g post-operative, ...)
  • Is characterised by a high level absorption rate
  • Is suitable for pets of all age

For more information about this product which we can really recommend you can visit their website:


For more information in Russian you can visit this website:
bio4pets Интернет магазин для Kynosil, Kyno3 и Kynovita+



Fine Art Rudgieri's are very happy to be on Faunus Dog food.